Inspired by the imperfect beauty of the natural world, Jewelweeds products are handcrafted with great care and with an eco-friendly sensibility. Using naturally sustainable textiles such as linen and organic cotton, and techniques such as block printing and hand embroidery, Jewelweeds are the perfect blend of style and sustainability.



Julia spent most of her childhood either outdoors or making things, often at the same time. Jewelweeds is the inevitable product of this. All Jewelweeds items strive to combine aesthetics and sustainability, something that she believes has a natural synergy. She is committed to using the most environmentally friendly materials and is constantly looking for ways for Jewelweeds to be greener. She studied costume design at Fordham University and the Fashion Institute of Technology. Julia lives in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn with her husband and way too many books. Visit the blog for Jewelweeds news as well as pictures of what she's been cooking lately.